john spurlock 2008

looking for an embeddable .net http server. where is .net's jetty?
ray ozzie's channel9 interview mp3 worth a listen. 20 minutes until the first mention of 'replication'
released spaceblock (amazon s3 front-end): ability to set custom http headersCodePlex.SpaceBlock -
"move" dos command is still better than explorer when moving network files in vista sp1. bypasses "discovering", "calculating", etc.

I am actually physically disgusted that so many computer science programs think that Java is a good introductory language, because it’s “easy” and you don’t get confused with all that boring string/malloc stuff but you can learn cool OOP stuff which will make your big programs ever so modular. This is a pedagogical disaster waiting to happen. tumblr photo
released spaceblock (amazon s3 front-end): enhanced s3 url generation dialogCodePlex.SpaceBlock -
finally!Source: Google To Launch BigTable As Web Service |

another fantastic seradio podcast (re: erlang/concurrency)
silverlight deep zoom + google
released spaceblock (new "open file" menu option and better perf on mass delete operations)CodePlex.SpaceBlock -
posted an entreaty re: silverlight 2's crippled http support to the silverlight forumsMSDN
the http support in silverlight 2 is /significantly/ worse than before. if not addressed, this is going to be a deal-breaker for many (& me)
silverlight2: enum contains the apple key
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this is america - australia got the convicts, canada got the french, we got the puritans, we’re stuck with them
wpf = very interesting from a frameworky point of view. i'm still amazed it runs as fast as it does - some rocket-science going on there...

Songs when the present of usa comes in a place
awesome hack to workaround lack of sorting in amazon's simple db service. uses set intersectionAWS Developer Forums: Possible workaround for sorting /
it's 2008. why do i need to find a physical install disk to get x11 (for mono) on the mac? should be available online if nothing else...
wow, sql2005 query notifications using ado's sqldependency wrapper is still horribly buggy
released spaceblock (amazon s3 front-end) - new transfers view (ala opera's transfers tab)CodePlex.SpaceBlock -

The fact is that lots of people building Web pages and syndication feeds are using technology and techniques they barely understand on a daily basis
ha! silverlight 2 to get a datagrid before full-blown wpfScottGu's Blog - First Look at Silverlight
quick update to spaceblock (automatic handling of time differences wrt amazon's servers)CodePlex.SpaceBlock -
released spaceblock (support for the nirvanix storage api)CodePlex.SpaceBlock -
pcloadletter podcast episode 2 - history of subversionGoogle Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project
installed vista sp1 on the macbook. took 40 minutes and 2 restarts.
vista sp1 is out on msdn!Windows Vista SP1 anticipated to be available to MSDN Subscribers by end of week (NOW LIVE Feb 14 0900 PST) – The MSDN Subscription Team