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scriptomatic is a great free utility for poking around with wmiScriptomatic 2.0:
i'm in the livestation beta. al jazeera, france 24, bbc radio 4, and bbc world service are the only channels available right now.
the latest software engineering radio (with "the smalltalk" dave thomas) is excellent.Episode 86: Interview Dave Thomas : Software Engineering
writing an assertareequal<t>(t[] expected, t[] actual) method for the zillionth time. funny each time it is slightly different.

Do you truly believe that watching the Grammys is the best possible use of three hours? Remember, you will not live forever.
working on spaceblockCodePlex.SpaceBlock -
biginteger class yanked from 3.5 before release. "not ready to ship"Where did BigInteger go? [Melitta Andersen] – BCL Team

When a man marries his mistress, he immediately creates a vacancy.
this new xdocument, xelement, xnode xml api is fantastic (with or without using linq)
"dom is a millstone around xml's neck." stops development (leaving only ms's ironruby left, bad news imo)Ruby.NET is dead - Programming
i don't always agree with codinghorror, but this one (from 2004) is spot
great little tool to mess around with linqLINQPad - The .NET Programmer's
dynamic lookup (late-binding) in c# 4.0Future Focus I: Dynamic Lookup – Charlie Calvert's Community
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released spaceblock -
brain refuses to remember for the 100th time that "n0" is the .net format string for numbers with commas but no decimals
working on spaceblock (open-source amazon s3 front-end)CodePlex.SpaceBlock -

Finally signed up. Give me a ping, I'm

I'll probably keep my shorter tech musings there. Although the whole thing still seems rather creepy to me.

I like to make things - and I think whatever I have to say is in the things that I make
wow. amazing presentation on linden labs integrating mono into secondlife:Second Life Opens Public Beta for Mono Scripting - Miguel de
finally signed up to see what the fuss is about

Your new husband is a very good worker,” he began. “He is important to the company. So please understand that he may need to work many long hours.” All the guests nodded silently. “And when he is at home, please take care of him. tumblr photo

What have you done lately to enhance our strategy into the next adjacency?

It could even temporarily change its shape to look more like innocuous piece of trash hanging from the cable.

Java is like a variant of the game of Tetris in which none of the pieces can fill gaps created by the other pieces, so all you can do is pile them up endlessly. tumblr photo

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