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New record $GOOGL eod price today: 2,
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 2,
“who /say/ they do not use the internet”7% of Americans don’t use the internet. Who are they? | Pew Research
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 2,
New record $GOOGL eod price today: 2,
🎵 Buy the box set and the kind of stuff / You've bought before a million times / Buy in green, buy in blue / Buy in patterns 'cause I tell you to 🎵Steven Wilson - PERSONAL SHOPPER (Official Audio) -
World's first ship tunnel to be built under Norwegian mountains | CNN
“as it seeks scientific acceptance”
Instead of future giving us flying cars, we have comprehensive stories about html meta tags in the Wall Street JournalHospitals Hide Pricing Data From Search Results -
Interesting: seems like a great way to turn a small bill into a large bill! : )

Perhaps opens up "almost-static" site possibilities for sites using s3 without cloudfrontIntroducing Amazon S3 Object Lambda – Use Your Code to Process Data as It Is Being Retrieved from S3 | AWS News
Oh, nostalgia! My first non-shared and so I guess truly personal computer

Tried to write a windowing env in Basic but it didn’t leave enough room in memory to actually launch
“The U.K. government proposed legislation mandating prison sentences of up to 10 years for demonstrators causing ‘serious annoyance’”Police Breakup of Sarah Everard Vigil Heightens Scrutiny of U.K. Plan to Toughen Laws Against Protesters -
“the upper echelons of age”
Normalize horizontal whitespace