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Behold, a news product named Currents!
"'People pretend to have brand deals to seem cool,' Allie said. 'It’s a thing, like, I got this for free while all you losers are paying.'"Influencers Are Faking Brand Deals - The
"Effected" (adjective) when a track has too many damn effects
šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘Announcing WebSocket APIs in Amazon API Gateway | AWS Compute
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"The remaining option is to treat all npm packages as potentially hostile, and that's kinda terrifying."What happens when packages go bad? -
"early project optimism"
Can confirmfoone on Twitter:"Fun fact about SimCity 2000:

If you sit through the entire credits, the game feels pity on you and gives you an easter egg in the form of Jon Ross's (the DOS programmer) favorite joke.…"
"Evangelical Priestess"
"It’s kind of worse than that – Google’s figures, as far as I can see, are decreasing, not increasing, since launch."Steve Goldstein: Why is the Google Podcasts App Failing So Hard? – RAIN
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My appetite for negative Facebook coverage is virtually limitless. However:

It occurred to me this morning listening to the @NewsHour that the @washingtonpost is perhaps the least reliable narrator here - no disclosure about Bezos ownership.In the hunt for revenue, did Facebook share more data than it disclosed? | PBS
Day after Thanksgiving : Christmas :: Apparently Today : 2020 Election
"Facebook employees now have burner phones to talk shit about the company — not even to reporters, just to other employees."Facebook’s Internal Tensions Are Spilling Beyond The Company’s
Dow plunges 800 points amid reports of $MSFT switching to Chromium
"A critic is someone who enters the battlefield after the war is over and shoots the wounded."
Now which of my new projects is immediately getting the codename Magma Shift...
Gain recognize gain
This thing is like the bizarro iPad Pro - gives those looking for any excuse to recommend it absolutely nothing.Google Pixel Slate review: slapdash software ruins good hardware - The
Looking forward to Biztalk for #aws in 2019...New – AWS Transfer for SFTP – Fully Managed SFTP Service for Amazon S3 | AWS News
"Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."
2018's "Slug of the Year" award goes to the @nytimestwitter photo
"regulate your state"
"Full-stack Javascript developer"
"I don't know what we're doing, but it better have Kubernetes in it"
"we should find a happy median"
yes yes yes yesThe End Is Near for Mobile Apps – Member Feature Stories –
What time does the Super Bowl starttwitter photo
Uh oh hashtag big dChristopher Mims šŸŽ† on Twitter:"And then there were three:

Amazon in talks with New York City, Dallas, Northern VA for HQ2"
"Fast forward to 2018, and we can do everything in a browser. From massive-scale layouts to micro-typography, animation, and video. And what do we do with these incredible possibilities? Containers in containers in containers." — @borismWhy Do All Websites Look the Same? – Member Feature Stories –