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"the dems"
Bigger headline: more than half don't!Nearly Half of Broadband Consumers Subscribe to a Video OTT Service: Study |
"minimum viable podcast"
2017 and "google play" still cringe-inducing[What year is it?!] Google is ending support for the Android Market on Android 2.1 and
"disguised as ransomware"
"incredulity fatigue"
"When you e-mail Jackie, you notice your heart rate spike on the Apple Watch. Better not e-mail her anymore."You Are Now Fully Optimized – The Bold
"We’re missing the mark with a big and important lesson here. The issue at play comes down to power dynamics."Why Silicon Valley has “Open Secrets” and What We can Do About
"The fuse is lit, we’re just running around mapping where all the bombs are."Antarctica Is Melting, and Giant Ice Cracks Are Just the
Removing the need for the fingerprint scanner 👍Apple Tests 3-D Face Scanning to Unlock Next iPhone -
"why not have a little fun in your 20s and work in your 80s?"Young American men can find work but prefer to play video games -
"you know, a short little deep-dive"
"retro-synergize"Software Defined Talk Episode 97: The novel strategy of making money, and investing to do so - Amazon + Whole
So websites are 'launched' and music is 'dropped' nowKesha Drops Emotional New Ballad ‘Praying’ — Listen – Hollywood
"What grows in this segment is the need to be convinced consumers that Siri will be better."Digital Assistants’ Adoption: a Marathon not a Sprint! – Tech.pinions – Perspective, Insight, Analysistechpinions.comtwitter photo
"The opioid epidemic has disrupted so many families that all the foster homes in Ashtabula County are full."Children of the Opioid Epidemic Are Flooding Foster Homes. America Is Turning a Blind Eye. – Mother
"5. No tweet has ever persuaded anyone of anything."Twenty Theses about Twitter | ERIC
Legitimately inspiring to watch this @planetlabs pieceThe All-Seeing Eye in the Sky -
Your first conservative web app
"While public intellectuals traffic in complexity & criticism, thought leaders burst with the evangelist’s desire"The Rise of the Thought Leader | New
"You'll need a very strong blender to mix the Washington community w/ the Trump crowd, will not end up a smoothie"‘It’s the End of Small Talk in Washington’ - POLITICO
"conflict antiquities"
"Alexa told me there was no pudding room. I was disappointed by the lack of a pudding room too."Subscribe to
hey google, what's the market share for this thing?What Apple’s HomePod Is Up Against — The Informationtheinformation.comtwitter photo
"The best views will be 'way out in the boonies.' And people are coming."How Eclipse Chasers Are Putting a Small Kentucky Town on the Map | Mental
"Apple watcher and developer John Gruber"

"Apple watcher" = one who still wears apple watch?twitter photo
"work-vacation"Andreas Klinger ✌️ on Twitter:"Is there a hotel search site for hotels w/ (co)working space and guaranteed ⚡️ wifi?
Essentially looking for ideal"work-vacation" places."
💪💪💪Drinking more coffee can lead to a longer life, new studies say -
"mental vertigo"Alternative facts are Nietzschean – Tom X Hart –
"Also let me know if you have a draft on surveillance! =)"

Paying Professors: Inside Google’s Academic Influence Campaign -