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Initially misread the colon as a comma. THAT would have been something.The Hill on Twitter:"JUST IN: Limbaugh: George W. Bush, Laura Bush voted for Clinton"
"Lots of apps are starting to use Twitter as a default 'social exhaust' system" —@gardnersmithaTwitter Could Have Been A
"The societal benefit of Twitter is an externality that needs to be preserved." —@benthompsonWhy Twitter Must Be Saved – Stratechery by Ben
"back in twenty-thousand four"
SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW strikes againThe Register on Twitter:"Android's Hover feature is a data HOOVER"
👍Android Nougat has the ability to take partial screenshots, but it’s currently hidden |
Darwin Tufte award for excellence in charting confusion.

I even know what to expect in the data! So bad...Wherefore art thou Macintosh? | Asymcoasymco.comtwitter photo
"This is for an iframe which gets requested 80,000 times a second"
Well I just watched it. It's only two minutes.Donald Trump's Argument For America -
"he's diligent, if nothing else"
"Google's business reason to be aggressive in its HTTPS project: access the same sensitive info apps routinely use"Google’s Chrome Hackers Are About to Upend Your Idea of Web Security |
"Two-thirds of total time spent by Chrome desktop users occur via HTTPS"

... loading ads and analytics!Google Developers Blog: Here’s to more HTTPS on the web!
"New API to help developers identify users who have requested refunds so they can better manage their economies."Welcome to Playtime! | Android Developers
TIL Matt Slack, aka @slackMatt Slack on Twitter:"@stewart @annapickard My notifications are going to be interesting today, aren't they?"
Link Bubble wasn't really a Chrome replacement, but the new @brave browser totally is. Loving it so far.Brave Software changes app name back to Link Bubble, releases separate tabbed Brave
👍Google appears to be testing a new, rounder search
"TJSON is syntax-compatible with JSON, but adds mandatory type annotations" — @bascule

Soon: jsonpack npm thingie!Introducing TJSON, a stricter, typed form of
"One of Slack’s biggest advantages is how easy it is to try"

CorrectMicrosoft: 'We do not have any plans for a free or consumer offering of Teams' | VentureBeat | Apps | by Emil
"Applets", eh?IFTTT renames Recipes to 'Applets' and redesigns app in v3.0
"They spoke in paradigm-shifting, SEO-optimized corporate language, like a sack of diarrhea into Google translate."5 Horrible Things I Found Out When I Made A Video
"somehow automatically backed up from the cloud"Abedin told FBI she didn't know emails were on
"caramel drizz"
"the thing that we have to understand is this: PCs are gonna get super expensive now" — @stevesi w/ @BenedictEvansa16z Podcast: So Where Are We on the ‘S-curve’ for PC Devices? – Andreessen
"The first few options don't matter — just that you break the false notion that you have limited options."Zero Tolerance for Slow Pace — Specific Steps For Aggressively Fast Software
“Hey, it got your attention, didn’t it?”US President Donald Trump's Twitter is definition of 'attention economy': what can we do about it? | WIRED
"my memory is like... i don't tend to remember things." - ahead of its time with the round icon

(or, stranger things found in the current android emulator)twitter photo
"I saw them coming and was, in fact, furiously mashing the close-doors button"I’m Not an Asshole. I’m an Introvert - The New
"Dooley shared an office with a man who liked to eat frozen carrots"Noisy Coworkers And Other Sounds Are A Distraction In Workplace :
That retina touch bar is going to be great for tweets.Apple announces new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID, and USB-C - The