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no, it doesn't and no, it isn't and, just... noAdam Shepherd on Twitter:"FBI wants Apple to create “the software equivalent of cancer”, says Tim Cook"
cleveland's number one!

(most economically distressed) #CLE #ThisIsCLE 😵 😵 😵

In an Improving Economy, Places in Distress - The New York by @KarlNYTtwitter photo
"longform microcopy"
useful thing from the folks at twitter, why is google analytics not already this?Fabric
each with different logins wtfCabel Sasser on Twitter:"Slack is amazing it totally replaced my e-mail inbox!!!! *secretly now has 95 separate inboxes*"
👏👏👏👏👏Android Police on Twitter:"[Exclusive] An Early Look At Android N's Redesigned Notification Shade And Quick Settings…"
so pretty much every non-trivial #swift function should throw, right? cheap & gives caller choice to catch, rethrow, try? or try! (4 in 1)
"i'm just being hyperbolic to find my point"
what is "the opposite of news", alex?Android Central on Twitter:"Android Pay still hasn't replaced my wallet"
"a birkenstock lightly treading upon Java's face"BrendanEich on Twitter:".@ronkorving It ends in the hypostatic union of JS & your CPU running WebAssembly forever. A birkenstock lightly treading upon Java's face!"
"fbi-driven development"
"For the first time in my career, I am occasionally embarrassed to tell someone I work in technology."

What’s in Store for 2016: A Few Predictions – by @sogrady
@ericasadun, curious what you think about thisJohn Spurlock on Twitter:"so pretty much every non-trivial #swift function should throw, right? cheap & gives caller choice to catch, rethrow, try? or try! (4 in 1)"
"Notifications and sound have also been split into separate menus in Android N." 👏👏👏[Exclusive] An Early Look At Redesigned System Settings In Android
i thought my eyeballs were brokenHow to Stop Cursor from Getting Bigger in OS X El
wish apple would package a viewer up as an app on the device, using the ones already downloaded...Watch All The Apple TV Aerial Video Screensavers - Benjamin
"This admission moved me deeply, because I had no idea Google was in a tight spot." — @PinboardThe Website Obesity
let trimmed = untrimmed.stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet(NSCharacterSet.whitespaceAndNewlineCharacterSet())twitter photo
unfortunate timingAmazon confirms it has dropped device encryption support for Fire tablets |
the times they are a'changinMicrosoft Opens Its Corporate Data Software to Linux - The New York
amazon is simply out ahead, also provides cover for other outfits to copy/paste

Amazon’s Story Time Is Kind of a Bummer - by @josheidelson & @spencersoper
"Java-Script" — @ftrainWhen the Internet Asks You to Fill Out A Form, Do It | New
"Maybe We Should Start Diverting Social Security to Millennials"

(yea no)Maybe We Should Start Diverting Social Security to
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googlebot must be taking today offtwitter photo
there is a 'do not disturb' joke in there somewhere...Internet of Shit on Twitter:""I stayed in a hotel with Android lightswitches and it was just as bad as you'd imagine""
WebAssembly > design > Use Cases > Inside the browser > Local web server!design/ at master · WebAssembly/design · GitHubgithub.comtwitter photo
👏👏👏[Awesome] Android N Feature Spotlight: Apps Can Create Their Own Custom Tiles And Toggles In Quick
ssl certificate organization + country name asymptotically approaching max tweet-length.

who is this helping again?twitter photo
"smartwatch king"twitter photo
"petabytes under management"