john spurlock 2009

commons-logging for .net (sigh)DevIL's Diary: Common Logging 2.0 for .NET
macbook + windows 7 rc + sql server 2008 + azure sdk march 2009 ctp = works!
nytimes reader 2.0 ditches wpf & silverlight in favor of adobe airThe New York Times: Get a Digital
waiting for cupcake (android 1.5 update) via t-mobile - let's see how long it takes...
still no cupcake from t-mobile. current rumor is "end of this week"
my stereo bt headphones just came in from japan (from a future time and place)
google to launch amazon s3 competitorGoogle to Launch Amazon S3 Competitor -
official tmobile cupcake android os update finally shows is back up! top 50 artists and songs played on woxy last
this is rich, microsoft. "the x-ms-date header is provided because some http client libraries automatically set the date header"
"some http client libraries" = you know, .net itself. the "royal" some...Authentication for the Azure Storage
following @realscottgu
by the way folks: it turns out you *can* set the date header in .net's httpwebrequest using reflection. reflector saves the day once again
released spaceblock - initial support for the new sun cloud object storage apiCodePlex.SpaceBlock - just updated - top 50 artists/songs on woxy this
"...she looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing..."
apple, you lost a $1000 sale - new mac mini still doesn't properly support a2dp (stereo bluetooth) - will hunt for a mac compat adapter...
"california-based google added 0.4 percent to close at $428.40 in nasdaq stock market trading yesterday. microsoft was unchanged at $21.40." just updated for the week - top 50 artists/songs on this
rico mariani on vs2010 startup and editor performance:Visual Studio 2010 Performance Part 1: Startup – Rico Mariani's Performance andVisual Studio 2010 Performance Part 2: Text Editor – Rico Mariani's Performance
"an old man sits collecting stamps in a room all filled with chinese lamps he saves what others throw away, says that he'll be rich someday" just updated - top 50 artists/songs on last
azure + fulltrust = opens up interesting possibilities... the developer portal is slow though - update process takes too long
azure application monitor is a cool idea. dumps instance vm stats out to storage, and has a wpf ui.Azure Application Monitor -
"what would you do if you knew you could not fail?" - robert h. schuller
glad to see that amazon dramatically lowered the price for sqs. looking into it again - interesting to note the differences to azure queues just updated - top 50 artists/songs last week on
azure table service supports batch transactions! uses multipart mime as a poor-mans alternative to http-pipeliningPerforming Entity Group
checked in a client class for azure table services to main branch usage example:CodePlex.Resourceful - Source
checked in azure table client batch-transaction support to the main branch. usage exampleCodePlex.Resourceful - Source