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heh, all sun downloads have a "with netbeans!" option - thinking of how hilarious a "with visual studio!" option would be for msdn downloads
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for those doing wpf/silverlight: what is your naming convention for elements created in xaml? same as instance fields? pascal-case?
from the ec2 forums - elastra corp, beware!AWS Developer
simpledb is slowly adding back the missing features that caused me to dismiss it at 1st - now, querywithattributesRelease: Amazon SimpleDB on 2008-08-21 : Release Notes : Amazon Web

If you want to be famous, you have to do whatever you’re doing worse than anyone else in the whole world.
interested in how aws arrived at 4mb as the chunk size for ebsAmazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) – Block Storage for updated for the week - top 50 artists/songs since
saw "who killed the electric car" last night - recommended (and particularly timely with the "volt" almost here)Who Killed the Electric Car? Reviews -
sequel "revenge of the electric car" coming in 2009"Revenge Of The Electric Car" To Hit Theaters In 2009 :
getting closer to bb bold
damn it - the term "cloud" peaking on tech-lingo abuse curve. it's "cl**d" to me from now on...
mccain/milf 08 (get ready for it)
"press c to continue" - a nice hardware anecdote from an amazon ec2 backend op in the forumsAWS Developer Forums: GET repeatedly failing for one file updated - top artists/songs this
doing some python for the first time in a while. suddenly unit tests seem a thousand times more important...
ha, goog put my sketchy python patch directly into the latest version of the appengine dev server...Issue 209 - googleappengine - Dev_appserver output has incorrect line-endings - Google App Engine - Google Project
google chrome: once again, the goog elevates not-invented-here syndrome to an artformGoogle on Google Chrome - comic
design elements - google v8 javascript engine (fast property access section = interesting)Design Elements  |  Chrome V8  |  Google up to date - top 50 artists & songs this up to date - top 50 artists & songs this
at least i hope so. ec2 model is so much more interesting (at first) than appengine model - because of its flexibility. easy transition too.
and this is why gwbush does not use the "electronic mail"Sarah Palin's Personal
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"a web os? are you dense?" (complete with diagrams for the dense) updated - top 50 artists/songs this
baltic-avenue: an open source clone of the amazon s3 rest api for google app engine

I've been recently experimenting with the idea of creating an open source S3 rest api clone that runs as a GAE application. This would allow for "private S3 instances" that leverage the google hosted infrastructure (big-table etc) and your existing S3 tools/applications/processes.

The project has reached a minimum level of functionality as a proof of concept, and is now hosted out on google code.

The core bucket and object-level operations are implemented, as well as support for multiple custom user accounts, ACLs and public-reads. More info on the site on how to configure third-party clients (smoke-tested with s3sync, boto, jets3t/cockpit, resourceful/spaceblock).

There are some obvious limitations right now due to the preview release quotas on GAE - e.g. object size limited to 1MB, and total storage limited to 500MB. The assumption is that these will be lifted or relaxed once the service is pay-as-you-go.

Would love to get people involved in testing and making the implementation more robust. I'm not necessarily a pythonista, so I attempted to write as little of it as possible...

(just announced) baltic-avenue: an open source clone of the amazon s3 rest api for google appengine!AWS Developer Forums: baltic-avenue: An open source clone of
wow. neal gafter (java 7 closures guy) quits goog to join microsoftNeal Gafter (@gafter) |