john spurlock 2008

released spaceblock (amazon s3 front-end): new "default transfer acl" feature (user request)CodePlex.SpaceBlock -
first pics from the @MarsPhoenix /not/ projected from a windows pc - shocking
ha Skype Qik is moving - Skype streaming from @MarsPhoenix control room live - way better than official nasa feed
the @woxy modern rock 500 is nearing the home stretch - nothing but classics from here on
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why does "limit x" (mysql & postgresql) seem so much more intuitive to me than "top x" (sql server)? shouldn't be a big deal but it is...
scariest gillmor gang ever. too bad microsoft is playing checkers and google is playing
just posted this yr's @woxy modern rock 500
rereading tufte - never gets oldEdward Tufte: Books - The Visual Display of Quantitative
interesting that the rinjdaelmanaged (.net 2.0) and aesmanaged (.net 3.5) are not considered fips compliant, why?New Crypto Algorithms in Orcas – .NET Security
converting last remaining pgpdisks into truecrypt volumes...

If you have three pet dogs, give them names. If you have 10,000 head of cattle, don’t bother. Nowadays the idea of giving a name to every file on your computer is ridiculous.
using wcf message streaming xfer + ienumerable to enable a "yield return" all the way from the backend db -> wcf -> client. cool ...
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considering picking up the 16gb usb stick mentioned in the article from OCZ Rally2 Dual Channel 16 GB Flash USB 2.0 Flash Drive OCZUSBR2DC-16GB:
silverlight 2 beta 2 out this week. i wonder if they'll make any changes to client-side http...MSDN
"improved cross domain support" - that sounds promisingDan Wahlin - New Features in Silverlight 2 Beta
"instances unavailable: we're currently experiencing severe weather near one of our amazon web services locations"AWS Service Health Dashboard - Dec 29, 2016
and... it doesn't look like they've changed direction on client-side http in silverlight beta 2. lame.What’s new in Silverlight 2 Beta 2? – Silverlight and Windows Phone
confirmed: silverlight 2 beta 2 client-side http only supports get and post, no head, put, or delete
just updated my google maps + silverlight "boston zoom" demo to beta
it's weird how pascal-cased xml markup looks wrong everywhere except visual studio's editor - my ms brainwashing must be complete
released spaceblock (amazon s3 front-end): bucket availability check & user requested enhancementsCodePlex.SpaceBlock -
updated for this week - looks like the new notwist is getting some major spinnage
taking a look at sproutcore. "cocoa for the web" should elicit the same reaction as "vb for the web"
check out kevin's wpf bag-o-tricks if you are into wpf - you'll learn a thing or
"if you went around saying 'i'm not a light bulb guy' people would look at you like you're nuts."Tales of an IT Director: I'm a"light bulb" kinda updated for this week. looks like woxy is starting to dig deeper into the new sigur ros.
use content-md5! "a single load balancer intermittently, under load, corrupted single bytes in the byte stream."AWS Developer Forums: S3 data corruption?
silverlight 2 textbox control template ignores the borderthickness and borderbrush properties!MSDN