john spurlock 2008

There is one, very simple reason that software engineering will never be a real Engineering discipline in all or even most cases:

* People will not pay for bridges that fall down.
* People will pay for software that crashes.

dudes. live mesh != cloud computing
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ip addresses in decimal notation! e.g. 1276349464 apparently useful for spammers
application/octet-stream really does make sense if you think about it
rest : http :: oop : java (and architectural styles can be tunneled through implementations of other styles - a blog post in the works)
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looking at google appengine. did not realize you could try out the sdk locally without an account - doh
just checked out the blackberry 8120 at tmobile. not really impressed - no black option = wait for iphone announcement...
amazon s3 releases server-side copy functionality! (beta)AWS Developer Forums: Copy Support - Beta
released spaceblock (amazon s3 front end): server-side file renames thanks to new s3 copy!CodePlex.SpaceBlock -
installed ubuntu hardy as the 3rd os on the macbook - smooth install and looks great as usual. mono 1.2.6 is now the "supported" version
dudes. the .net gc never calls idisposable.dispose() - a common misconception
it is may 8th, 2008 - and firebug is still fantastic
embarcadero acquires/merges with codegear(delphi)Delphi Jumps Ship: Welcome
started a new googlecode project, set up appengine sdk with eclipse/pydev (w/ debugging!) ready to rock and roll
worth reiterating my two big gripes with python: significant whitespace, and the "bolted-on" nature of oo (working with appengine)
mstest: finding new ways to demonstrate how truly horrific a bad testing framework can be (today's gem = test view locking up vs2005)
back to appengine hacking. (local sdk) is very simplistic right now, even non-http compliantIssue 209 - googleappengine - Dev_appserver output has incorrect line-endings - Google App Engine - Google Project
wish visual studio had eclipse's ctrl+click = hyperlink to definition
prepare for an onslaught of cocoa+silverlight frankenapps - see nytimes readerTimes Reader coming to the
expression trees are the most powerful concept introduced in the linq hairball Using LINQ Expressions to Generate Dynamic Methods II – just scratching the surface
continuations in the (java) vm404 Not
are you a programmer and have an 'operating systems' section on your resume? what exactly does that mean?
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.net 3.5 expression trees are fantastic - currently investigating remoting the tree itself for client-server call proxying
ruby-like symbols in c# 3.0 (brilliant!)unfold: Symbols in C#
do not miss the expression tree (visual studio) - Summize Search Resources and